A research paper is your own, unique research on a particular topic that demonstrates your academic knowledge of the subject. To write a good research paper you need to collect information on some topic and report sources. So, you need to find what was written by experts on your subject before and analyze this material.

Start your research with choosing a topic that you are interested in and have some knowledge about. It would be much easier for you to cope with the process of writing if you are passionate about your topic.

If you have some difficulties with choosing a topic you may ask your instructor or friends for help. Do not choose the topic that is too wide or too narrow or was already explored before, because you need to bring some fresh ideas with your work. Do not choose topics that do not have enough sources. Before choosing a topic try to think about your audience in order to make it interested in your research.

After that, you can begin your research. This process is extremely important for exploring of your subject, so try to spend as much time as possible for your research.
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You may check out online resources or other materials in the libraries. You may search for information in encyclopedias, articles. Try to use variable resources and do not use less than five resources. Try to use in your research paper only resources that are reliable and really trustworthy information. After finishing the research process take notes or highlight important phrases. Try to paraphrase the information or use citations in order to avoid plagiarism later. Organize your thoughts with an outline. This will make your writing process much easier

Write a thesis statement at the beginning of your research. It is usually required in most research papers. A thesis statement is the major idea of your work. And in the text you support this main idea with strong arguments.

In the introduction present relevant background to your topic. Define some terms and explain your specific purpose. Shortly explain to readers the main points that you are going to tell about in your research paper. Do not forget to write a strong opening sentence to engage the reader.

In the body paragraph, you present arguments to support your thesis statement and major points. Support each point with the relative argument. You should start with a strong point and finish with the strongest one. Do not just report published work but summarize and evaluate it.

In conclusion, explain the significance of your findings and summarize your arguments. Restate the thesis statement and remind the readers major points you were presenting in your research paper.

Write a bibliography for your paper and include there all used sources in order to avoid plagiarism. Provide your arguments and thoughts with citations. Avoid information that is too hard for understanding or is not relevant for your topic.

Check your paper for any mistakes (grammar, logical, so on). You may also use some proofreading checkers or ask your friend to check your paper on mistakes. Then correct all mistakes and improve your paper. Format your research paper accordingly to the required formatting style.

As writing a research paper requires more time and effort than just writing an essay, so start working on your paper as early as you can.

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