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Is Hair Transplant safe and secure

Is Hair Transplant safe & secure?

Even when we are aware of the fact that hair transplantation is the best and the permanent solution for hair loss we often avoid going for a hair transplantation. It is because of the fact that many of us still thinks that hair transplantation is not a safe method to opt.
This negligence to hair transplantation is because we are unaware about the actual facts of hair transplantation. It is true that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting of hairs from hair bearing areas to bald areas using instruments and advanced procedure but it does not involve any risk. It is safe and secured in all aspects.

You do not have to worry about Hair Transplant But always worry about the surgeon or doctor:-

A experienced doctor & MCH Certified surgeon can:

    • Bring best result of hair transplantation
    • Do not waste your hair follicle
    • Plant deeply and so accurate so that age of hair follicle would be long lasting
    • Diagnosis scalp related and Hair loss problem

A Technician or Non certified doctor can:-

  • Perform hair transplant surgery badly
  • Even if they do hair transplant , after some years your hairfall again starts
  • Waste many follicle and plant hair unsuccessfully
  • Can not diagnosis scalp allergy , hair thinness and root problems

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  • Even when there are plenty of alternative techniques available to get rid of hair related problem hair transplantation is best out of them. In almost 90% of cases hair transplantation is successful in granting the desired results to the patient. Other than the fact that hair transplantation is an advanced and the trusted procedure for hair issues it is also a painless process. A hair transplantation surgery can only be performed with advanced and the most latest procedures and thus it does not have any sort of risk, also while performing hair transplantation local anesthesia is applied to the patient and thus no pain is felt by the patient.
  • In severe cases of hair transplantation some of the side effects may prevail. These side effects may include swelling, pain after the surgery, itching, scarring, numbness, cysts etc. In cases when you notice any of such effects after the surgery you must immediately consult your expert hair doctor for solutions. Hair transplant is a method that assures positive and desired results without much side effects in almost all the cases and the ratio of patient having side effects is certainly low and if performed at an advanced clinic by an experienced doctor the side effects are almost negligible.
  • Although hair transplantation is the best solution for hair transplantation but sometimes hair loss patient are not suitable for hair transplantation. There are certain criteria of hair loss patients going for transplantation.

The suitable candidate for the transplantation must be:


  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Must have a recognizable amount of hair loss
  • Must have tried certain types of medical treatments but all were vain
  • Does not has any type scalp infection
  • Does not smoke or is ready to quit smoking for sometimes
  • Have realistic expectations to be achieved through transplantation
  • No presence of diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, bleeding disorders etc
  • Does not take too much alcohol or is ready to leave it for the transplantation

As the hairs for transplantation is extracted from the hair bearing areas of the donor itself thus there must be sufficient amount of hair present at the donor area for allowing the extraction. In cases when the hairs are not present the patient is not treated as a suitable candidate for hair transplantation but in such cases the transplantation is possible with the advance technique of BHT in which hairs can be extracted from other body parts.

Disclaimer*: Result may vary person to person