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Why It Is Important to Keep a Hair Follicle Intact during Hair Transplant?

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“ Do You Know Many Clinic Hair Transplant Result Are not Good because of not able to keep Follicle Fully Protected”


A hair follicle is an elegantly complex biological entity. The more that is learned about it, the more elegant and complex its biological functions are found to be. That’s why it is important to avoid physical damage to the follicle that is meant for transplantation—for instance, by transection during the FUE procedure.


  • Under microscopic examination, the hair follicle is seen to be made up of layers of specialized cells that provide the specialized functions necessary for growth and for scalp hair’s unique anagen-catagen-telogen growth cycling.
  • Located under the follicle structure called “the bulge” is a permanent nest of stem cells that provide regenerative capacity.
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So When Problem Arises?

“ In Simple Word Its about the how you extract a follicular unit, How you put up, how you preserve during surgery in environment “


Transection occurs when the circular sharp blade of the hollow FUE punch fails to completely enclose the FU, and slices off a part of it. Transection can also occur when the FU is pulled apart when it is gripped and pulled with forceps. The damaged follicle(s) in the FU may be useless for transplantation, or fail to thrive if transplanted.


So Keep in mind – “ A Experience plastic surgeon can take care of this precaution , lead to minimum follicle waste and give maximum result”