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Why You Should Choose Hair Transplant Over Hair Weaving


Hair is Considered as priceless gift to everyone. But the increasing concern about the growing baldness among young male and female blame to living culture and changing environment. Due to this day by day they are more concerned and want fullness of hair back. This leads to them to find hair growth techniques which less expensive and give best results and for this they are ready to do anything to get back their hair.

There are many techniques that naturally help to regain lost hair, but the problem for many people is that which treatment they opt like which is cheap or which is little expensive but a permanent hair growth solution. When it comes to overcome with baldness there are two option i.e. Hair Transplant and Hair Weaving. Hair Weaving is one of the hair regain technique that is chosen by people in India, but the question is that Does Hair Weaving really solve baldness problem??

“I am getting bald at a very early age, but don’t have knowledge about techniques that give me more desired results. It is either Hair Transplant or Hair weaving? Please guide me”. This is the question that will come across in every bald person mind.

Hair Transplant VS Hair Weaving-

Weaving_img2On the other hand Hair Transplant is the best way to get natural looking hair, it is costly compared to Hair Weaving but it is a one time investment and rich look forever. But you can find EMI and loan facility at many clinic. FUE and FUT is most widely accepted treatment to cure baldness in men and women. Most important advantage over hair weaving is transplanted hair has a natural growth and once hair is inserted it will not fade away. Hair transplant should be done under hair specialist while hair weaving can simply be done at hair salon.

Know about Hair Weaving

weavingHair Weaving refers to the adding of synthetic hair on individual scalp, which is done by placing clips or glue or other appliances. Weaved hair cover the bald scalp but has a temporary result. It is a kind of artificial wig also known as Hair extension. Different kind of Hair Weaving are available like bonding, tracking, netting, fusion and lace extension.

Why not to choose Hair Weaving? –

  • In hair weaving hair does not have follicles they do not has growth and will damaged after sometimes.
  • It is not a permanent solution you should visit very frequently to the salon and in that period you will lose some hair also.
  • It is a instant solution to baldness but does not look like natural.
  • Artificial glue fix the hair but sometimes risk of many skin problems.
  • Hair weaving need to come back for several sessions, that sometimes may be cost more than hair transplant.

Now you know pros and cons for both Hair Transplant and Hair Weaving. Regarding any query like what can done for baldness. Just contact us Enhance Hair Transplant Clinic.

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